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Isabella Backman | Kimball Foundation

UC Santa Cruz

Isabella Backman is a Master’s student in the Science Communication Program where she tells exciting stories about science to a general audience. In addition to her work helping manage social media at NASA Ames Research Center and writing for the Stanford University News Service, she has been published in numerous outlets including Science, Eos and San Jose Mercury News.


As an ecologist, I know that it often feels as though scientists have their own special language. Now, I am a graduate student in the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program, where I tell stories about science to a non-scientific audience. Although my background is in biology, I have embraced the opportunity to cover a diverse array of topics ranging from chimpanzees’ best friendships with their mothers to robotic “dogs” designed to explore Mars. In addition to writing, I have received training in photography, videography and podcasting. My work has appeared in outlets including Science, Eos, Mongabay and San Jose Mercury News. I have also helped manage social media at NASA Ames Research Center and interned for Stanford University News Service. Effective science communication is valuable because many important scientific issues, including climate change and COVID-19, are very prominent in the media today. As a science communicator, my goal is to make science accessible to everyone, not just other scientists.


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