Investigation transport in the quantum anomalous hall effect by Ilan Rosen

Ilan Rosen

Stanford | Doll/Hume

Ilan studies how electrons flow through so-called topological phases of matter. In a typical conductor, electrons flow uniformly through the bulk of the material. Topological materials feature peculiar patterns, for example, electrons might circulate around a material without being able to flow through it.


The quantum anomalous Hall system features an insulating bulk and chiral electron flow around the system’s boundary. This phenomenology is expected to result in a quantized Hall resistivity of !” = ℎ/ #. We show that the Hall resistivity is so quantized with a precision of one part per-million. Further, we create a magnetic domain wall within a quantum anomalous Hall material, resulting in oppositely-signed Hall resistivities on either side of the domain wall. We then show that chiral electrons propagate along the magnetic domain wall.


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