Avocado oil: The road to standard development by Hilary Green

Hilary Green

UC Davis | Katherine Hellman Black Endowment Fund

Avocado oil currently does not have standards and many oils on the market are of poor quality or adulterated. To develop standards, the natural variation of avocado oil must be investigated so that standards accommodate natural variance while minimizing adulterations.


The avocado oil industry continues to grow and with it there is an increasing need for research contributing to the standard development effort. Last year we discovered that many avocado oils on the market were either adulterated with cheaper oils or were of poor quality. There were also many oils that had purity values outside the range of current proposed standards and literature values, though not significant enough to confirm an economic adulteration. Considering this, it is imperative to understand how natural factors impact the chemical composition of avocado oils. Current work focuses on making avocado oils from two cultivars and fruit grown in two regions, Mexico and California, with timepoints throughout the season. The chemical composition of these oils will to give an overall picture of how the composition pure avocado oil changes. This data will be used to create standards that accommodate for natural variance, but at the same time, limit adulterations.


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